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The workers' right to strike. - ANO!

Aktuálně: All workers, except certain categories of workers regarded as critical to society, have the right to strike.

Změna: All workers have the right to strike but certain categories of workers regarded as critical to society have to ensure a minimal service.

HLASOVÁNÍ: PS - 16 // 7 // 17 XXX Senát - 11 // 3 // 6


The patenting of software techniques.

Aktuálně: Software patents can be obtained from the patent office.

Změna: Software designs, techniques, formulae and algorithms cannot be patented


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Trade Union Strike Ballots

Aktuálně: Trade Unions are not required by law to hold a ballot before striking

Změna: Trade Unions must by law hold a ballot of all members before going on strike, majority approval of those that vote is needed from its members.


The age until which students, if education were to be compulsary, are required to be educated (limited between 16 and 21).

Aktuálně: 16

Změna: 15


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Komunální volby


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